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Thanks for visiting our blog. Please bear with us while we restructure our various sites and pages. We'll be posting stuff as regularly as possible while we continue to work on it.

You've stumbled upon my blog which is the companion to my website Ishah 'El. This site is intended to track my progress in starting a new multi-cultural theatre arts company and bring updates to devoted supporters and curious by standers. Check here regularly for posts on what I’m up to and how it all is faring, and you can join me by posting comments & encouragement. With that I invite you to become friends and enter into my world of art, faith, life & passion. Shalom.

P.s.- This is actually 4 blogs rolled into 1... why? I don't really know. Some sort of strange urge to make it multi-dimensional caused me to lay it out this way, yet people seem to never realize that there is an index at the right which will take you to other interconnected pages. Feel free to explore and share with others!

Friday, March 03, 2006

we're currently experiencing technical difficulties...

I figured that the major problem with keeping a blog would be the regular updating of it. So it is. I probably don't have the correct priority ratio going on here since my dedication to posting on my blog is very, very low in comparison to what I feel is important: starting & organizing a theatre company, writing, composing music, finding grants to apply for, applying for grants, researching & developing material, designing... writing for the church, ministering to others through faith & arts, and deriving creative ways to draw us all closer to God and into the bigger picture... etc ad nauseum. None of that in any particular order except to say that writing a blog about anything, let alone about all of this, absolutely comes last. I mean, have you noticed the span of time between this post and the previous one? I feel that may actually be good. Believe you me - I've read many blogs out there. No comment other than, like television, I've found it a pretty good practice to cease and desist. I could write about my current adventures in freelancedom: hitting the Regional Entertainment Production & Administrative job expo in Boston last Saturday, recording, copyrighting, publishing and distributing a CD portfolio for said same, applying for a grant from the Foursquare Foundation, applying for a DUNS number & registering my small business as a non-profit so that I can apply for another upcoming grant... and so on & so on. I think you probably get the point here- not exactly the most exciting stuff to read, and I'm fresh out of pointless rants to post to the hordes of faceless non-entities surfing through the blog bog out there. Although recent developments in the Port Dubai Transit Authority department have got me on my toes and away from this mezmerizing Orwellian magic mirror we call cyberspace...

When I do write again- when I have the time and I feel I actually have something to say- I'll try to make it engaging & worthy of expending your time and brain power on. Maybe- just maybe- it will be insightful, thought provoking, clever, encouraging & inspirational. Someting to strive for and live up to. Anyone getting the hint out there?