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Monday, July 09, 2007

mondo spices

I've recently jumped into the grand venture of selling spices on a small level of semi-mass production. After much coaxing from friends who are great fans of my spice blends I've begun selling them on line & considering offering them locally at farm share stores. This all began almost two years ago when our church, the northampton vineyard, held a seasonal craft fair just before Christmas. Cheryl made several items from her broad scope of expertise - cards, bath salts, journals & cat nip mice (you'll find some of her wonderful wares available HERE) - while I provided spice blends that I made up myself. These days the house smells like a spice caravan in passing & there is much sneezing from the clouds of spiced dust wafting about the kitchen while I am grinding them. Cheryl complains of how teasing the whole process is: "The house smells incredible but there's nothing there to eat! It's unfair!"

But I do use the spice blends regularly to cook & season with, so it isn't all cruel torture for her. Come on over to the Etsy site HERE & check them out.

Currently I have six blends to choose from: Green Thai Curry (my favorite), Moroccan Tajine, Ethiopian Berbère, Tandoori, Cajun Seasoning & Greek Seasoning. Off the site are a few others I've made up which I could probably be persuaded to make available: African Malayan Curry, Carribean Curry & Persian spice blend. More where those came from. Oh, so many, many more!
If you love spices you'll love these. You do love spices, don't you?