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Thanks for visiting our blog. Please bear with us while we restructure our various sites and pages. We'll be posting stuff as regularly as possible while we continue to work on it.

You've stumbled upon my blog which is the companion to my website Ishah 'El. This site is intended to track my progress in starting a new multi-cultural theatre arts company and bring updates to devoted supporters and curious by standers. Check here regularly for posts on what I’m up to and how it all is faring, and you can join me by posting comments & encouragement. With that I invite you to become friends and enter into my world of art, faith, life & passion. Shalom.

P.s.- This is actually 4 blogs rolled into 1... why? I don't really know. Some sort of strange urge to make it multi-dimensional caused me to lay it out this way, yet people seem to never realize that there is an index at the right which will take you to other interconnected pages. Feel free to explore and share with others!

Friday, February 16, 2007

onward, undaunted & delirious

True to projection & promise, I haven't written much. Not that there isn't much to tell, just that it's mostly clerical & tedious. Great fun- like watching an epic Warhol-produced film of the stock market enacted by kabuki actors. Tedious and strange. I- we- have been forced to take a winter break and to regroup. While it's a good time to consider what to do in the coming year, and how to go about doing it, it also places us back in the crux of where we were a year ago, when we were beginning to lay this all out, and that feels like a set back. Theatre works on a long term planning scale- most of us have impressions with the immediacy of it's arrival & the temporary quality of it's brief visitation. Somewhere beyond that is months- often years- of planning which falls into the "administration" category. I actually like that aspect of it all. Well, to an extent. There is something creative in itself that comes with making & mapping plans, but then there comes a divide so abrupt that it becomes a challenge to live between the two worlds of creativity and business. Which is where I am today- back in front of the easel with the giant flip pad, pointer in hand, jousting at projected crudities turned inert & two dimensional with the aid of pie charts, bar graphs and power point presentations. How does it get from here into a living, breathing, exciting reality? While it has been work of a nature which I'm not particularly familiar with or fond of, it has been fun, and that is partly why I started this organization- to do something that I enjoy as well as something that others would appreciate. But there are grant proposals to be written, funds to be raised, prospects to contact, facilities to inquire into & all manner of groundling troops and brass to muster and polish so that we can surmount the misty hills and gold capped mountains of dreams. And always, the seemingly infinite purgatory of meetings to endure, which, while often dramatic rarely leaves one with inspiring fodder to dramatize about. O Beatrice, mediator & intercessor of souls in peril, where have you fled?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Are you an Idealist? Can You Imagine a Better World?

If so, please read on:

There is this website- which is asking us all this question. This week they are coordinating a series of start-up meetings around the world in an effort to engage ourselves and our communities into living out and achieving our ideals together.

These start-up meetings will provide an opportunity to connect with others who want to help build a network, and to talk about how we can create more connections and opportunities for action between people, ideas, and resources in our neighborhood, village, school, or workplace. These meetings are about taking a step back from singular issues and looking at the big picture. How can we create a community where ideas and resources are easily shared between people? How can we create more opportunities for everyone to get involved? Through these meetings we hope to take the first steps toward creating communities where projects and organizations are better connected, supported and ultimately more successful.

There is probably a start-up meeting close to you. To learn more and become involved, please go to